Forest Grove Rehab is Seeking Volunteers

Forest Grove Rehab has a very diverse group of individuals that range in age from 30-90. They come from all backgrounds, and nationalities. We hope to foster the relationships between the volunteers and residents to establish a better social environment for all.

Volunteering does not have to be a full time job. It could be as little as two hour a week or as much as 40. You establish the time and we will build a schedule. Here is a list of past volunteer programs:

  • One on one time with residents chatting about their lives
  • Bingo
  • Play games in a group or one on one
  • Music play instruments or sing
  • Craft a project
  • Paint/draw/sketch
  • Plant and care for plants
  • Light exercise program
  • Video games
  • Read to or with residents
  • Establish and run a men’s/women’s group

The time spent with each resident is a gift for both the volunteer and resident. We are happy you are considering developing a program with us. Currently we are looking all hours every day of the week including weekends. Like mentioned we can cater a program and schedule to meet all of our needs.

Please contact:

Lollita Goucher

Activities Director

503-901-6953 Ext. 5020

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