How to Change the World

How to change the world? Have you ever pondered this question?
Here is how you can be apart of the change. Go to this site…/how-to-change-the-wor…/overview

This site is dedicated to providing a centralized place for scheduling, sharing resources and materials, and providing information regarding the teach-in on how to change the world, taking place at Pacific University.

The idea is to have workshops, mini-lectures, conversations, etc. that help us all, including students/faculty/staff of varying political orientations, better understand the processes and opportunities (and pitfalls and challenges) of respectful, peaceful, civic change in a diverse democracy, especially post-election 2016. It is ok if you are not an expert or want to set up a session to talk through ideas (e.g. the role of scientists in civic change). Be part of the change!

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