Open Equal Free Seeking Education for Development Blog Writer

  • Context:

We are currently seeking motivated, excellent writers who are willing to write five articles per week to serve on our staff of volunteer reporters. You may write from anywhere in the world. Position is location and time flexible.

  • Responsibilities:

Remotely researching news on education in the developing world and creating short, original articles (around 200 – 350 words) that briefly gives a synopsis of the event.

Choosing appropriate and legally usable (through creative commons licensing or permissions) photographs and other media to be shared with stories.

Preparing articles in WordPress for our editors to review and post on-line.

Successful applicants will be expected to post at least 5 article per week, it is estimated that well-researched articles take about 1 – 2 hours to write and prepare in WordPress.

  • Qualifications:

Must be passionate about education!

Only highly self-motivated applicants need apply. You will be working remotely and will be expected to meet weekly deadlines without direct management.

Excellent writing skills, especially in an informal yet respectful and positive voice.

High School diploma required, Bachelor’s or higher preferred.

  • Contact:

To apply: Please send a cover letter, writing sample, and CV to Michael Jones at

  • Other Information:

These are the guidelines our reporters go by:

To see if you’re a good fit for our team, check out our Core Values here:

Check out our blog here:



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