Free SOLVE Trainings for 2014 & 2015

Stream Team Captains lead volunteers on stream restoration and enhancement projects throughout the Portland-metro area. They provide leadership, organization and supervision to volunteers for Saturday morning events. Restoration sites are adopted by SOLVE and enhanced over a period of five years to ensure optimum recovery.

This is a 3 day training.
Attendance at all 3 days is recommended!

Training Schedule:
Tuesday, January 20th, 6-8 pm: Stewardship, watershed basics, restoration strategies, and examples.
Thursday, January 22nd, 6-8 pm: Community involvement, working with volunteers, work-party management, and leadership techniques.
Saturday, January 24th, 10am – 3pm: FIELD DAY — project examples, planting techniques, invasive plant removal techniques, and native plant identification.

Additional Trainings for 2014 & 2015:
September 9th, 11th, 13th Stream Team Captain Training
9th & 11th at the SOLVE Office, 13th at Beaver Creek in Troutdale
September 17, 2014 Native Plant Night at Beaver Creek in Troutdale
November 6th & 9th Bio Engineering Class
6th at the SOLVE Office & 9th at Carter Creek in Lake Oswego
December 6th Winter Twig Training at Beaver Creek
January 20th, 22nd & 24th Stream Team Captain Training
20th & 22nd at the SOLVE Office
24th at a local watershed restoration site – TBC
February 26th & 28th Native Plant Nights
26th at the SOLVE Office, 28th at Baltimore Woods in North Portland
March 26th & 28th Weeds Training
26th at the SOLVE Office, 28th at Beaver Creek in Troutdale

All SOLVE Trainings are provided free of charge.

On-line registration is recommended.                                                                         Learn more at or contact us for details at 503-844-9571 ext 332 or


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