Join the SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup on September 27th, Oregon needs you!

Litter and marine debris accumulate all throughout the year, as do invasive plants. This September you have a chance to change the tide by volunteering with SOLVE to remove these destructive items from Oregon’s beaches, neighborhoods and natural areas.

Only you can ensure our beaches, rivers, and natural areas are kept clean and healthy. 

In 1984, the dream of the first beach cleanup took root after Oregonians Judie Hansen and Eleanor Dye were inspired to rid the state’s beaches of litter. Local communities, haulers, and volunteers banded together across the state, removing 26 tons of debris off of the Oregon coast in the first year alone.

This project sparked a tradition of caring for our coast that has served as a model all over the world. Three decades later we’ve expanded the program to include litter cleanup and watershed restoration projects at over 100 sites throughout Oregon.

Get Involved

Become part of this volunteer movement! Join your friends, neighbors and thousands of Oregon residents as we clean up Oregon’s rivers, beaches, parks and neighborhoods at the SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup, presented by the Oregon Lottery.

Register for a project near you on at                                      Questions? Contact SOLVE at 503-844-9571 ext. 332 or email us at


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