The Companion Art Studio

The Companion Art Studio is a 501(c) 3, non-profit program supporting young adult artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Washington and Yamhill counties. We strive to create a unique environment where our artists can imagine, create, and welcome art into their lives.

There are many ways to help our organization. The Companion Art Studio (CAS) is a studio space, but it is also a social service program and arts retailer. We frame our pictures. We create our own advertising campaigns. We conduct our fundraisers and map out strategies for our program. We also sweep the floor on occasion. Whatever your talents or interest might be regarding our program, we can use your abilities for our studio or through other CAS-related outlets.

Interested in completing a CAS internship? Are you a student? CAS can offer you an unpaid internship linked to specific courses for credit, or community services hours. Many of our interns come from fine and studio arts programs, but interns from other disciplines are also welcome- e.g. arts and non-profit management, marketing, communications, social services, mental health counseling, creative arts therapies.

Typical tasks of volunteers include the following:

1.       Facilitate studio sessions

2.       Supervise breaks

3.       Assist artists in signing in, getting started, cleaning up

4.       Help with supplies, visuals, technical questions

5.       Brainstorm workshops and demonstrations for artists

6.       Engage in appropriate discussion with artists and staff

Interested in being a visiting artist? CAS is always on the lookout for visual artists to facilitate on- and off-site workshops and demonstrations for our enrolled artists. We will find a time outside of our typical hours for your special event. We can provide the art supplies if you supply your expertise and patience! In return, we will be proud to promote our community partners in our media outreach.

If you are curious about volunteering at the studio, call or stop by and chat with our staff about your strengths and interests, and see if the program is a good fit for you. Volunteers are an integral part of CAS operations and, above all, must be passionate and dependable.

Our studio program is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 12pm-5pm. Our address is 1341 Pacific Ave., Forest Grove, OR. The CAS studio space is located in an outbuilding on the Tom McCall school campus, separate from the main school. You can reach us by phone at 503-359-8110 ext. 4037 or find us on Facebook.


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