Ujima for Children International Foundation Internship Program


The Ujima For Children International Foundation is a humanitarian organization whose vision is to create a world in which all children have access to resources that allow them to thrive and reach their full potential.


The Ujima For Children International Foundation serves the needs of vulnerable children by partnering with Non-governmental Organizations to drive strategic community-focused projects that create measurable and sustainable impact.






1.      Collective work and Responsibility




Success happens when you have a talented and passionate group of people working towards the same goal.  We are seeking dynamic people who are excited about contributing to work that will positively impact the lives of thousands of undeserved children and communities.


Benefits of the Ujima Internship Program

·         Potential for college credit depending on specific requirements of your university/college

·         Develop your professional skills by being involved with a start-up non-profit organization

·         Flexibility to be creative and bring to the table the skills you already possess

·         Directly contribute to the mission of Ujima and help projects be successful from start to finish ultimately impacting children around the world

·         Access to a network of other professionals

·         Letter of recommendation from an Ujima Board Member upon successful completion of your internship             *Applies to student interns

·         Ability to build upon your personal portfolio of work


Time Commitment

·         Attend all Team (once a month) and Committee Meetings (as scheduled by Committee Leaders)

·         5-10 hours a week (depending on your particular project) for a minimum of 3 months

Ujima Internship Job Descriptions


1.      Web Designer and Business Systems Analyst

·         Assist with application development and website implementation.

·         Analyze, define, and document all business requirements in terms of the functionality, features, and back-end data management within the website.

·         Develop the wire frame for the website design and translate for the website coder.

·         Analyze the entire user experience of Ujima’s website and ensure all systems are working properly.

·         Participate as a member of the Social Media and Website Committee (for aspects related to the specific website design) and Strategic Planning & Operations Committee (for aspects related to the systems analysis and translating the Ujima vision into the user experience within the website structure).


2.      Marketing Specialist (3)

·         Develop Ujima’s Marketing strategy on a general and project level – Marketing for a specific project versus Ujima as a whole entity.

·         Partner with the Social Media & Website Committee to successfully develop Ujima’s social media platform.

·         Help build Ujima’s online presence through the use of social media.

·         Document procedures for how the marketing strategy will be communicated, presented, and sustained.

·         Design graphics, flyers, and other marketing materials.

·         Participate as a member of the Marketing & Communications Committee.

·         Partner with the Fundraising & Development Committee to integrate Ujima’s fundraising strategies within our social media platform.


3.      Project Analyst

·         Help with the feasibility stage of project acceptance – help analyze project costs, resources, sustainability, etc.

·         Develop a system for tracking project metrics for internal and external reporting.

·         Recommend process improvements for the entire project life cycle.

·         Research potential NGOs to partner with and other project options.

·         Develop project status reports – system to track projects throughout the project life cycle and provide a way to report information in real-time to our donors and followers.

·         Participate as a member of the Strategic Planning & Operations Committee.


4.      Fundraising/Event planner

·         Assist with the development of Ujima’s fundraising strategies.

·         Help define Ujima’s target donor groups and develop specific strategies aimed at those groups.

·         Develop ideas for fundraising events during the year.

·         Partner with the Marketing & Communications Committee to integrate Ujima’s fundraising strategies within our social media platform.

·         Participate as a member of the Fundraising & Development Committee.

·         Research potential other areas of funding.


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