Jennings McCall looking for volunteers

Jennings McCall is looking for college students with a compassion towards the elderly and a passion for volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities include


1:30pm Po-Ke-No


1:30pm Bingo


9:00am shopping partner

1:00pm craft of pufferball

3:00pm Po-Ke-No


1:00pm Painting nails

2:30pm Socials

3:00pm Happy hour


9:30am Bingo

1:00pm  Movie

You can also do 1 on 1 visiting with residents and other jobs around the nursing home during any hours you are available. They are also open to any group project or individual project you would be interested in.  

If interested for volunteering long term this is how to apply

  1.  All volunteers must go through the background check process
  1. Students must turn in background check application
  1. Students must turn in 2 forms of identification
  1. If volunteers are from out of state (or have lived out of state recently), they must have their fingerprints done at the sheriff’s office.  There is a fee for the fingerprinting, but students can get more information regarding this at:
  1. Students may not begin volunteering until all these forms have been submitted and the background check process has begun.
  1. Until background check clears – volunteers must be with a staff member at all times

If students are interested, Jennings Mcall can e-mail these forms to them.  Since they have retirement, assisted living, and memory care facilities – there are lots of opportunities for students to volunteer here.

Also, students who want to volunteer just for that one day, do not need to go through the background check process.

please call 503-359-4465

or email

you can visit the website at


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