AmeriCorp Backcountry Trails Program

 The Backcountry Trails Program of the California Conservation Corps will be fielding six crews of young Men & Women (18 to 26 years old), to spend 5 ½ months building and maintaining trails in Wilderness areas throughout California’s State & National Parks and National Forests.    

Job duties include trails maintenance of drainage systems and tread, clearance of brush, fallen logs, boulders and other debris, etc.; repair and construction of drainage and erosion control structures; and, repair and re-vegetation of damaged sites and restoration of habitat values.  Crew members are trained in historic skills of log construction and dry stone masonry using on-site materials (timber & stone).  Tasks include digging, moving materials weighing 50 – 1000 pounds, crushing stone for backfill using 8-16 pound sledge hammers (for hours or even days at a time), as well as building retaining walls, waterbars, soil retainers, stone paving, & stairways.

The daily schedule is long and rigorous with meals, camp chores, physical training, an eight hour work day, more camp chores and nightly curriculum.  The curriculum program includes natural history, wilderness education, career development, community building, literature and much more.  Weekend hiking, exploring and mountaineering fill the season.  High levels of motivation, self-discipline and emotional maturity are essential.  The BC Trails Program is governed by rules and structure, often at the expense of personal choice and freedom. This is a regimented program with very little free time or unsupervised time.

Members cannot be on probation or parole and are subject to criminal background checks and drug screenings. We are a drug and alcohol free program.  Salary is $1392 / month minus a $325 commissary fee for food.  Successful completion of 900 hours of service work earns a $2,675 education award upon completion of the season. 

For more information about our program or if you have any questions visit our website at,  Visit these other websites for more insight as well,,  or go to and search “Backcountry Trails Program” or “CCC Backcountry”. 

The application packet consists of the 2013 BACKCOUNTRY TRAILS APPLICATION and two Reference Evaluation forms which can be downloaded from our webpage.  We may also conduct a follow up phone or personal interview.  Please read all the application instructions thoroughly. 

There are approximately 100 positions available serving in Kings Canyon & Yosemite National Parks, Big Basin State Park, and on the Klamath, Shasta-Trinity, & Stanislaus National Forests.  The application deadline is 5:00 pm, Friday, February 22, 2013.  The season begins April 21, 2013 and ends on September 25, 2013.   Lastly, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Contact:  Email us at

Applications and Reference Evaluation Forms at

Return application materials to:  BC Application Dept., 1500 Alamar Way, Fortuna, CA 95540

Backcountry Trails Program

California Conservation Corps,    


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