Practicum at Virginia Garcia Wellness Center

Starts: January 2013 – March 2013 – 16 sessions

Reports to: Inge Hindel, M.D. and Wellness Center Coordinator

Requirements: Interest in working with adults in the health care setting to improve their physical fitness, endurance and flexibility while improving their cardiac status. Classes will be taught in Spanish, translation will be provided if the exercise instructor is not fluent.

Description: Student will provide group work out sessions to approximately 16 participants twice weekly for the duration of the 8 week class entitled: “Reclamando su salud” “reclaiming your health”. One of the work outs will be during the class time and last about 30 – 45 minutes. The second work out would be later in the week, likely at the same time of day as the class.


  • Create work out appropriate for participants who are generally fairly de-conditioned. This work out should offer different levels of exertion for the variety of exercises.
  • Perform pre- and post- participation fitness testing
  • Create a schedule and maintain that schedule throughout the term

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