Policy & Equity Research Internship

Status: Intern, 10 week engagement
Reports to: Director of Research & Market Innovation
Commitment: 120 hours
Salary range: $2,000 Stipend

Background & scope of responsibility
Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) seeks a motivated researcher with an interest in environmental policy and social justice to undertake a research project related to local and state-level carbon pricing and market mechanisms. Global climate change is one of the world’s most pressing environmental, health, and economic concerns—and states have the potential to adopt policies that can serve as models for national and international action.
The intern will be responsible for assembling an annotated bibliography and literature review of carbon pricing and market systems, their environmental justice implications, and ways to mitigate impacts on low income households. The intern will also assemble and analyze economic and demographic data to inform policy decisions.
A successful candidate will be a graduate-level or exceptional undergraduate in a program related to policy, law, sociology, economics or environmental justice. The candidate will have experience in research as well as a working knowledge of the principles of environmental justice. OEC offers a collaborative, team-oriented, family-friendly workplace that treats employees as responsible professionals. You will learn a lot, laugh a lot, and feel great about making Oregon a better place.


Jen Coleman | Outreach Director
Oregon Environmental Council
222 NW Davis Street, Suite 309
Portland, OR 97209-3900
503.222.1963 x105


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