Northwest Institute for Community Enrichment Internship

The Northwest Institute for Community Enrichment builds collaboration between diverse constituencies in order to create, define, and maintain community-based and entrepreneurial initiatives which enrich our communities.The Internship Program intends to give social changemakers in the NW region an opportunity to dedicate their energies toward solutions-based actions. Working with the NICE’s main organizers and partners, NICE interns gain detailed skills in organizing, leadership, communication, non-profit management, etc.

Prospective interns can apply to join any of the branches listed below, or can propose an alternate internship position (e.g. graphic designer) after consultation with one of the NICE’s main organizers.

  • Catalyst Communities is a branch of the NICE which builds community around issues of environmental, economic, and social justice.
  • The NICE Regional Team is a branch of the NICE which coordinates the main development of the NICE as an organization through: marketing/outreaching for the NICE’s main programs, generating resources, collaborating with community partners, and designing new initiatives.
  • The Learning Community is a branch of the NICE which introduce Catalyst Communities to the Learning Community model  and assists communities in assessing their work.

The application deadline is Friday, April 13th, 2012. Please submit a resume and responses to the following questions:
1. Why are you interested in this position?
2. What specific skills or expertise would you bring to the position?
3. Which branch are you applying to?
4. When would you be interested in starting? How long would you be interested in being an intern?

To submit your application or to ask questions, contact Drew Serres, Branches Coordinator, at For more information check out



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