Volunteer at Peace Village this summer!

Peace Village is a week-long summer camp for children/youth ages 6-14 to learn about nonviolent conflict resolution. It takes place this year on July 16-20, in Lincoln City, on the Oregon coast. The director of Peace Village is Darren Reiley, a Pacific graduate.  He is looking for a few Pacific students to assist again this year with Peace Village. Pacific students who participate would be given free room and board in Lincoln City during the week of the camp. Students would help plan and run activities for the kids who will be attending Peace Village.

Here is the Peace Village web page for further information: http://www.peacevillageinc.org/

If you are interested, please contact Charles Busch (founder of Peace Village and chair of the PV Board) either by email (cathey.charles.busch@charter.net) or by phone (541 996 4766). Also, you can talk with Dave Boersema, here on campus, if you have questions or would like more information. His office is Drake House 107 (on College Way), office phone is 503 352 2150, and email is boersema@pacificu.edu


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