Exciting Volunteer Opportunity at Children’s Book Bank

“Do you have a vehicle, a strong back, 8-10 cardboard boxes, and 4-6 hours to share?

If so, Children’s Book Bank needs your help to access a large supply of free children’s books.  We need volunteers to go to a local warehouse, fill as many boxes as you can manage with children’s books, and transport them to CBB, where the books will then be cleaned, sorted, bagged, and delivered to kids in need.

This can be a one time assist, or a weekly or monthly commitment.  The more books we can get our hands on, the more kids we can serve.  Our goal is to pick up 5,000 books per month between now and December.  That’s about 5 trips per month.

The free children’s books can be picked up anytime between 11am and 8pm, Monday thru Saturday, or from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.  The books can be delivered to CBB during any of our open hours.

Please e-mail Robin at Robin@childrensbookbank.org  if you are willing and able to help.  She’ll provide directions to the books, instructions for boxing, and can help with scheduling.

Thank you to Bazillion Books for Kids for bringing a huge supply of children’s books to the Portland area.  Children’s Book Bank is excited to help move these books into the hands and homes of kids in need.

Thank you!”


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