MIKE Program is looking to fill an immediate mentorship position

“MIKE Program is currently seeking to fill an emergency health mentorship position in Portland, Oregon, for De La Salle North Catholic High School. The replacement position will be filled as soon as possible, and applications will be immediately reviewed. This position is vacant due to a loss of a family member, and a move outside of the Portland area. This mentor position is for Wednesday mornings, 8am-9am through June of 2012.

MIKE Program addresses the growing frequency of preventable chronic diseases and chronic kidney disease within the United States, which disproportionately affects minority populations. Through health mentorship, we empower youth to be ambassadors of health in service to their own diverse communities. As a mentor with MIKE Program, you will:

  •     Gain valuable in-class teaching, public health, and adolescent mentoring experience
  •     Work with an experienced teacher to implement a curriculum that meets national and state standards for comprehensive adolescent health education
  •     Increase cultural sensitivity and social/emotional service skills
  •     Are provided with free training and support by MIKE Program in arenas of adolescent health, development, and education
  •     Guide youth to academic and career success
  •     Work in a team environment with other mentors
  •     Are eligible for academic credits or internships
  •     Must be at least 20 years old, and can commit to 1 hour with youth  per week until June, 2012

Applications are available online, at: http://mikeprogram.org/docs/2010_Mentor_Application.pdf — please submit all applications to adrienne@mikeprogram.org.

More information also available about MIKE Program at our website: http://mikeprogram.org

Please feel free to call at any time with questions, 503-296-7705 or email Adrienne, the Volunteer Coordinator at Organization or Program at adrienne@mikeprogram.org


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