Give & Go Donation Station Shift Leaders — now hiring!

Job Title: Give & Go Donation Station Shift Leader

Physical Location of Job:Outdoors in Parking Lot G or K

Job Description:

Work as a member of the Give & Go team to help Pacific students decrease waste by donating unwanted items during move-out.  These items are then donated to non-profit organizations in western Washington County.

Specific duties include:  greeting students at donation stations; helping students sort the items they want to donate; disseminating information about what can and cannot be donated; making decisions about what can be and cannot be donated based on information provided during training; moving donated items from donation bins to specified location in POD; disseminating information about community partners; helping community partners move items from POD to vehicles; providing leadership for volunteers who may be working alongside of paid student workers, which includes abiding by and administering Give & Go policies regarding what items are collected and how they are collected; representing Pacific University in a cheerful, helpful, informative way.

Transferable Skills to Learn:

Recycling knowledge; knowledge of non-profit organizations in western Washington County; customer service; leadership skills.

Required Qualifications:

Pacific University student; Commitment to civic engagement demonstrated through volunteering, coursework, or other activities; Excellent oral communication skills; Ability to work independently and as a member of a team; Ability to lift 25 lbs.; Ability to commit to 1 hour of training in late April/early May and 8-9 hours of work between May 11-16.

Desired Qualifications:

Customer Service Experience; Recycling knowledge; current Residence Hall resident.

Application Procedure:

Complete a Student Job Application form (, and submit it to Carla Ingrando, Center for Civic Engagement, 110 Scott Hall by April 13, 2012.  If you would like more information about the position, contact Carla Ingrando at or 503.352.1570.

Pay level:                                          $10/hour

Additional Benefits:                        Free T-shirt!


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