Experiential Learning Opportunity: The Master of Arts Program in Social Justice and Human Rights

An announcement by Prescott College regarding the upcoming First Avenue Career & Graduate School Fair!

The Master of Arts Program in Social Justice and Human Rights

Finally! A graduate program that really gets experiential learning.

The cohort-based Master of Arts program in Social Justice and Human Rights prepares students to tackle the challenges of economic, social, political, and environmental inequality.  Students will develop the practical and analytical skills, experiences, and connections required to collaborate toward social justice at local, national, and international levels.

The select group of 14 new students will be exposed to a curriculum that combines a strong focus on critical social theory as a powerful tool for understanding complex relations of history, politics, economics, culture, and power with a commitment to learning through direct action and in collaboration with directly affected communities organizing to confront the global crises and challenges of the twenty-first century.

Through scholarly study combined with participatory and service learning, each cohort becomes familiarized with processes of experiential learning; engages with major questions and debates in the interdisciplinary and applied study of urbanization and globalization; builds an intentional learning community; and explores themes of justice, home, and community in diverse contexts of social justice organizing and activism.

Students are supported in connecting their social justice interests and passions to three areas of concentration:

· human rights advocacy and research

· grassroots community organizing

· and strategic media and communications


To help students reduce the cost of pursuing a graduate degree, Prescott College has established a generous Fellowship program for the new on-campus Master of Arts program in Social Justice and Human Rights.

Interested applicants must submit a complete admissions application (including all required documents) by the April 15 due dateto be considered for a renewable* Fellowship. These merit-based awards are offered in the form of tuition grants.

*Students will have their Fellowships renewed if they are continuously enrolled and making satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their degree. Interested in learning more about the M.A. program in Social Justice and Human Rights, the application process or Fellowship program? Visit the Prescott College booth during the First Avenue Career & Graduate School Fair or contact Ted Bouras at 877.350.2100 ext 2101 or via email at tbouras@prescott.edu

Application due dates: April 15 to be considered for a Fellowship and the final deadline is May 15. This program is pending final approval from the Higher Learning Commission. GRE test scores are not a requirement to apply for this program.



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