Fun Volunteer Opportunity at Fern Hill Elementary School

Fern Hill Elementary School in Forest Grove is looking for VOLUNTEERS for their Building Leadership Program!!

 When: Mondays-Fridays, December – June

Times: 8:30-9:00am, 12:00-12:30pm, and/or 12:30-1:00pm

What: Teach, coach, and/or facilitate groups of kids while playing indoor and outdoor activities or games during recess to effectively reinforce positive behavior. These recess coaches help students to understand the rules of the game, team work, and sportsmanship while gaining important social skills upon social interaction with one another.

Where: Fern Hill Elementary School courts and playground OR gym. (It depends on the weather for the day.)

 This is a great opportunity for both Fern Hill students and the volunteers because interaction greatly improves important skills we all need in our daily lives. If you are interested in becoming a coach, a teacher, enjoy working/playing with kids, and/or want to influence students in possessing great leadership, I encourage you to get involved. Contact Emma Dacalio-Spencer, AmeriCorps member at Fern Hill at (503) 359-2550 ext. 7036, or e-mail at

See attached flyers for more details:

Fern Hill Volunteer_Opportunity_flyer_NEW

Fern Hill Volunteer_Opportunity_flyer



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