Work at B Street farm for your work study!

Job Title:  P.U. Center for Civic Engagement:  Environmental Restoration Aide

Job ID Code:    CSOHEPRO     

Location:   B Street Permaculture Institute

Job Description:

Participate in work parties and activities at the B-Street farm.  Assist with special projects and general maintenance of community garden. Participate on other Environmental Projects initiatives as needed.  Attendance at meetings and activities of Pacific Students for Environmental Awareness strongly encouraged.  Connect with Pacific environmental science faculty for educational programming. Participate in training for work with youth and environmental education.

Transferable Skills:

Student will learn to identify invasive species and methods for environmental restoration.

Student will develop skills in organic gardening and sustainable living practices.

Required Qualifications:

Physical strength to hike and perform restoration work projects. Commitment to restoration and preservation of the natural environment. Strong organizational skills and ability to follow through on projects with minimal supervision. Ability to work well with a team and motivate others. Experience participating in outdoor restoration or gardening projects. Gain knowledge of and experience with environmental issues. Also, promote Center for Civic Engagement  information and programs to other Pacific students.

Desired Qualifications:

Willingness to work outdoors in a variety of conditions. Self-starter who can take initiative and work independently or in teams.

How to Apply:


Contact Stephanie Stokamer, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, at or in Scott Hall 109.  Please bring a complete application with you or send as an attachment.  Applications are available on the Career Development Center website:


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