CCE is hiring a Digital Stories Intern (paid)

$500 stipend, spring term, 8-10 hours/week.

Description of duties: The intern will be responsible for initiating a digital story collection project for civic engagement activities on campus. The purpose of this project is to create an online collection of audio-visual materials that tell the story of civic engagement on the Pacific campus to help us document successes, generate interest, and capture students’ experiences. The intern will be responsible for recruiting project participants, conducting interviews or otherwise capturing the story, and editing the material for publication on the CCE website. Since this project is new, the Spring 2012 intern will also create a plan for implementation, such as researching necessary software and hardware and formats for hosting the material. Occasional office work such as updating existing materials or assisting drop-in visitors may also be required from time to time. The intern must also attend CCE staff meetings and will have the opportunity to meet with the director as needed for guidance on projects.

Required qualifications: The intern must have had course work or job experience editing audio and video recordings. Intern must have the ability and be willing to conduct outreach to CE students, faculty, staff, and community partners to recruit participants in the digital stories project. Ability and willingness to work independently.

Preferred qualifications: Experience with civic engagement through service, course work, or other activities. Familiarity with MS Office Suite software such as MS Word. Experience conducting interviews. Comfort taking initiative and being self-directed in work.

Benefits: This intern will gain experience in audio and video production with results that are publically displayed on the CCE website.

Application procedure: Please send a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Stokamer, director of the Center for Civic Engagement via email at or hand deliver to 109 Scott Hall.  Top applicants will be interviewed and the selected intern notified by 2/1/12.


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