Participate in #pacificucares and Win a $25 Amazon gift card

Our First Year Seminar class made a video to bring awareness to the staff that work so hard to help us and that we often do not notice. We are trying to get them to be recognized because students take them for granted and do not thank them and we think that the deserve some appreciation. We are putting up a poster contest to spread the words to the world.

Contest Info:
November 17-21
-Design two appreciation posters
-One winner will be selected from each category:
1. Most creative
2. Most attention grabbing
-Winner will be awarded a $25 Amazon gift card
-Posters must be posted in a resident hall or other building on the Pacific University campus
-Take a picture of the poster and post it on Instagram or the “Appreciating the Unseen” Facebook page using the hashtags #pacucares and#appreciate.
-Also include where the poster is located and be sure to get approval from staff first if needed.
-Winners will be announced on Friday November 21st.

Student Sustainability Leaders


myActions’ team of Campus Interns is growing quickly and building positive momentum on 40+ campuses across the country. They’re helping raise awareness for events and initiatives planned by their Sustainability Offices. They’re challenging their clubs, dorms, fraternities and sororities to … Continue reading

Social Justice Meeting Tuesday

Do you have an interest in social justice, creating an inclusive campus climate, and becoming a social justice leader on campus?  If so, you are encouraged to apply to be a participant in an upcoming social justice leadership retreat that will be held January 23 to January 25, 2015 on the Oregon Coast.  The retreat is designed to (a) examine structures of privilege (race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.) and their effect on our campus,  (b) provide individuals with the skills to be effective allies and social justice leaders, and (c) provide students with the opportunity to discuss and identify ways to foster social justice on campus.  Organized by a broad range of faculty and staff (Social Science Professors, Center for Civic Engagement, Center for Peace and Spirituality, Student Activities, and Alumni Relations) this retreat ultimately strives to create a community of diverse members from the Pacific University community that will be engage in discussions throughout the year about social justice at Pacific.  If you are interested in the retreat, please use the following link to complete an application:  Applications are due by November 21, 2014.  

Pick Up Pacific

Pick Up Pacific is a weekly litter clean up of the Forest Grove Campus and surrounding area. Our community deserves to look clean and with our effort, we cann make Pacific shine! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm meet In Trombley Square and pick up litter until 3:30pm. Gloves, trash bags and other equipment will be provided. Sign up at Only have time to participate on one day? Sign up anyway! All volunteers are appreciated.